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    Sheila Marie Valentine Harris
    January 22, 2024

    My family visits this Community Chiropractic in Avon and Dr. Vicki. We have a special needs son and he loves to go as well! My son was a marching band student and getting Chiropractic care was crucial for his body! Thanks to this team, they are always so kind and responsive when we need an appointment too! Never had an issue, they reply or respond quickly and help us out when needed. Great Care in our Community!

    Marina Levantovsky
    April 29, 2024

    This place is amazing. The staff and doctors here are phenomenal., I would recommend Avon to anyone that needs care.. They take care of you as soon as you enter the door.

    Sheretta Noel
    October 03, 2023

    This review is about the customer service I experienced based on my attempt to have an appointment at this chiropractor office. At the end of August (2023), I called to schedule an appointment for prenatal chiropractic services. The next available appointment wasn't until mid September. I was hoping for something sooner because I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in pregnancy but I decided to take the appointment and wait. When it was time to take my information to schedule the appointment, I was told that they were training a new hire and that the call would be handed over to her for her to take down my information. The new hire took my information and the appointment was scheduled. Two+ weeks later, I showed up for my 7:30 AM appointment and I was told that my appointment was cancelled. I was very confused because I had never cancelled it, so I inquired how that happened and the person at the front desk gave me a random reason. At first, she said that it had to do with my insurance not being provided - but I clarified that I did provide it on my initial call. Then she decided to look further and told me that the appointment was never confirmed. I was told that they called me and left a voicemail and it was never returned. I had never received a call so I asked for her to confirm what phone number was called. When she stated the number, it was not my correct phone number. So basically, the new hire who took my information did not record my information correctly and had the wrong phone number down for me. As a result, they couldn't reach me and therefore cancelled my appointment. I completely understand office protocol and that things happen. But what upset me about this was not just that the appointment was cancelled but how the front desk person handled the situation since it was clearly a clerical error on their part and not due to any negligence on my part. I asked if there was anyway that I could still be squeezed in for an appointment since the phone number being wrong wasn't my fault. I was told a hard no and that I could just schedule a new appointment for another time. I had already waited a long while for an appointment - would I have to wait another 2+ weeks again? I showed up very early in the morning and had to make arrangements for my children to be cared for and there seemed to be no apology or remorse for there being an error that resulted in my appointment being cancelled. It would have been nice to feel like they were sorry for the inconvenience and would try to accommodate me as best as possible - even if it meant a different time of that day or the next week - but the front desk person really seemed to just be like "we couldn't reach you, so it was cancelled, oh well". So I declined the offer to make another appointment and found another location nearby that had an opening for that morning and saw me right away. Based on this customer service experience, I would not recommend this business at all.

    Big Boneded
    December 01, 2022

    Have been coming to this practice for 6 years now. I left the last chiropractor I had, after being left waiting over 45 minutes past my appointment time on 3 separate occasions. I have been turned away for being late, but I have never waited more than a few minutes past my appointment time here. I can respect needing to reschedule if I am late. My children and spouse are also treated here. Children come in every month or 3. I come in every 4-6 weeks, need it or not (preventative maintenance on this vintage body 🤣). My spouse goes when there is an issue and stops when it resolves. I have had acquaintances who go to chiropractors that insist they have regular visits and refer more clients. I have never gotten that from Dr. Vicki! She is quick to release someone who is "better" with a "come back if it's bothering you again". She has products in her office (herbal remedies and special pillows)- never have I been pushed to buy any. I am quite comfortable recommending my family and friends to this practice. It can be hard to get on the schedule when Dr. Vicki is the only practitioner in the office, still worth it after 6 years and counting! She has also been willing to refer me to colleagues in another part of town for family that are not located near Avon! I absolutely have found a trustworthy chiropractor here.

    Cassondra Winn
    August 24, 2021

    I have been going here since May 2021. They are always extremely booked. It is hard to get an appointment that is less than 10-14 days out. When you're having significant pain, 10-14 days between appointments is really too much. They are frequently running behind schedule. I have been on time for my last two appointments. One I was taken back 35 minutes after my appointment time. The other 25 minutes after my appointment time. The front office staff are fine, but busy and seem stressed. Their outgoing voicemails says they are "always taking new patients." They probably shouldn't be right now with the way their schedule is.

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